The Story Behind The Name

What is ‘Peak or Freak’ Fitness? I’ve gotten asked this question many times. Some listened to my response, some didn’t. For those who didn’t listen, asking the question was their way of acknowledging the unknown. The meaning behind ‘Peak or Freak’ Fitness can be applied to any facet of life, not just training. It’s an attitude, a mindset and a lifestyle.

Back during my little league sports days, my nickname was BigSlam. In baseball I hit homeruns, in football I gave de-cleating concussions, and in basketball I got every rebound and loose ball. I played with fury and reckless abandon from day one through my college career. My goal was to have a ‘career game’ every time I stepped on the field/court. I wasn’t satisfied with competing and having fun – I just wanted to win. That’s all I thought about. When I met my goals, I set the bar even higher. I developed poise and calmness in last minute situations and was obsessed with perfecting my craft. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Peak means the top, the highest point. To peak means to achieve maximum performance. In this instance, goals have been established and have been fully met. The ‘peak’ aspect relates to feeling your best. Success feels good, especially when it’s your mind and body transforming and growing. Having success in the gym releases endorphins (feel good hormones), promotes confidence and shows the importance of persistence when challenges are faced. Conquering the weight room develops a framework for one to conquer life while applying the same methods – dedication, discipline, determination, desire. We workout to feel good. Training isn’t a chore, it’s a treat that we look forward to. It’s brings us joy and keeps us operating at our peak.

Freak means unusual, an oddity, an irregularity. In this instance we have experienced our peak, but are not yet satisfied. The only thing left to do then is to evolve into a freak physical specimen. To explore unknown territory, to do something that hasn’t been done before. To truly be a freak, you must have a couple screws loose upstairs. Finding new ways to torture your quads and push out forced reps only to be followed by manual resistance negatives until you can’t feel your legs. The thrill and adrenaline of training is simply unmatched and we MUST have it. With the peak aspect, the training sets the tone for other parts of life. To be a freak, everything must be intertwined and all contributing to success in our sanctuary, the weight room. This is an identity.

So ask yourself..What is it that you want to achieve? Are you chasing your peak? You can find your inner peak, find your inner freak, or bounce around from one to the other. Peak or Freak Fitness is a tool for enhancing the quality of your life. Do you want to do something that only 5% of the population can begin to comprehend? Do you want to add life to your days AND add days to your life? Do you want to find that happy place filled with bliss where every ounce of energy and willpower has been strategically exerted? Whatever it is that YOU need in life, Peak or Freak Fitness can help develop it and guide you along the way.